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The snow tree boss is a boss that has about maybe 8000 health, but more. Its first attack is Snow Avalanche, The second one is snow trees. Like every boss, it will drop off pets/wild animals at 75%/50%/25% HP to protect the boss. Once killed, it will drop 3 fairies and three chest. Tips to kill the snow trent/snow tree boss. The Tree boss/Trent was the very first boss to be added. It is a boss for the forest biome, and it has exactly 8k (8000) hp. It is a boss for the forest biome, and it has exactly 8k (8000) hp. Like all bosses, it appears on the map when spawned, so you can find it's location by just looking at the minimap. ← Return to game ... this game is the perfect grind game i have played 1h in one sesion i died of that boss tree i highly recommend it it super fun and .... Players should then build a pen using Stakewalls and use raw meat to lure the wolves into the enclosure. When the wolves are trapped, players should regularly feed them raw meat by throwing the.
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